Welcome to the new tDCSPlacements.com!

I have finally finished revamping the new site with a new sleek template and some new features for the placements. Some of the new features that have been added are sharing the placements, improved rating system, improved login & registration system. I had to delay the unveiling of a feature due to the inability for someone to check their email, however this is a tiny setback and it will be released soon enough.

As you may have already noticed is our blog (if you haven’t you are on it right now), we will be periodically updating this with anything site related  or tDCS related.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


One thought on “Site Revamp

  1. I would love to see a section here where certain kinds of jobs and/or tasks were matched to certain tDCS placements and timings of placements. For example, I am an aspiring 9-1-1 Dispatcher, so I need enhanced communication ability, intense memory recall (both for caller information and for complex procedure/computer commands/technological routing), but also improved typing speed and accuracy. When I should apply stimulation and/or diminution also seems relevant. What do you think?

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