Here at you will be able to find various placements montages for using tDCS devices. These placements can be used to effectively target certain parts of your brain and can help to enhance language, mathematic and memory abilities. The effects of the session can even last up to six months according to some studies.

Some of the more popular placements we have displayed on our site include:

  • Boosting Attention
  • Improving Insightfulness
  • Improving Socialization

Of course we have more placements over on the placements page to view.

As a tDCS user myself, I always found it harder than it needed to be to find placements. I just wanted a website to gather and store placements and that everyone has access to, and since I couldn’t find a website like this, I decided to build it myself. If you hae any inquiries or suggestions for the website, hit me up on the contact form.


Looking for studies done on tDCSLook no further.